Sänger, Gitarre

Name: Thomas Oliver Chaplin

Geburtstag: 8. März 1979

Web: Twitter

musikalische Einflüsse: Michael Jackson, Freddie Mercury

tänzerische Einflüsse: Robert Plant

Lieblingsfarbe: Blau

Lieblingsessen: Französische oder Italienische Küche

Lieblingskeks: Karamellvollkornkeks

Lieblingsstadt: Glasgow, Scotland.

Lieblings-CDs: Rufus Wainwright, Brendan Benson

Toms Best of 2011

(Quelle:, 5. Januar 11)

Favourite album of 2011: Smother by Wild Beasts. Unbelievable singing and beautiful melodies. Or if you fancy something very ambient and out there then Ravedeath, 1972 by Tim Hecker…

Favourite film of 2011: Kill List at one end of the scale and Bridesmaids at the other.

Favourite single of 2011: Lana Del Rey, Video Games.

Best thing that happened in 2011 for Keane?: Making our best record yet.

Thing most looking forward to in 2012: See 13! I can’t wait to get these songs out there – mixing the record, touring, seeing our lovely friends in the big wide world again.

1979 – Heute

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